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Welcome to my World Wide Web pages!

Glad you could make it here. Some people can't find their way here from the top page amazingly enough. Anyway, this is a ``Beta'' version of a home page as well as some links to pages and places I'm going to use later. There's two versions of this file right now...

I haven't decided which one to use yet, though I'm leaning toward the face background. Of course, if you're using mosaic, depending on which version, you don't see the backgrounds at all, and with lynx, heck, not even the pictures!

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Aren't you sick and tired of seeing this ``Under Construction'' picture all over the web???

Well, I am!!!

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Short Bio

Vance was born at the Center of the Universe: New Jersey, 50 years to the day after the birth of Wernher von Braun (father of the Saturn V rocket that sent men to the Moon), grew up in San Diego, California, received a Bachelor of Science with Honor at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, received an MS in Astronomy from Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona and now works at its Lunar & Planetary Laboratory situated in sunny Tucson, Arizona with the Cassini Saturn Orbiter project.

Things/Projects I've worked on/done


Other links still yet to be used


* Refuting misconceptions about me
* My ``home'' page
* Toyvax page
* Kindergarten Report Card (back to top)
* Story of my Neptune ring discovery
* Betaphile Club 1988-1991
* Political connections
* San Diego Eclipse
* Vance hiding
* Planet positions at Birth
* Caterwaul page


* Caltech Senior picture (200in Palomar telescope)
* Parents: Wedding and Now
* Voyager Neptune Imaging Team (front row, most left)
* One of my favorite games
* Me at 3 years

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