[Drumatic cover] "A mesh of programmed and performed drums resulting in dark ambient orchestrations of industrial dirges. New works from Kevin Pinnt, percussionist of Caterwaul. Adding futuristic dimensions to Drumatic is the sound manipulations of Jack Atlantis. Also, featuring ethereal voices from co-band member from Caterwaul, Betsy Martin, and bass textures from Chris Candelaria."

"The Various Drumatic Experiences CD features 10 songs of futuristic percussion, both statefully elegant and hauntingly powerful. Drumatic successfully blends our increasingly digital reality with the power of human finesse. Drumatic is very active in playing the local Los Angeles club circuit, with shows at Hell's Gate, The Impala Cafe, The Garage, and many more."

Various Drumatic Experiences

[0.1] A DAWN'S DREAM* [5:46]
[0.2] TAKEN+ [4:08]
[0.3] EARTH AS IN HEAVEN+ [5:08]
[0.4] SANCTUS [5:00]
[0.5] BLISTER [4:30]
[0.6] WALLS MAKE MUSIC+ [5:12]
[0.7] WORLD CORRODE [5:02]
[0.8] PORTION [5:30]
[0.9] THE AFTER CRUNCH [5:46]

Drumatic is...

Drum programming & melodies - Kevin Pinnt
Sound manipulations - Jack Atlantis
*Human voice - Betsy Martin
+Bass textures - Chris Candelaria

Can't find it in a local store? You can also get it through mail-order for $14.00 postpaid (California residents add 8.25% sales tax) from

Fluxus Records
P.O. Box 97
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 287-2969

See also, Fluxus Record's Drumatic page, which contains sound clips, reviews and soon will contain a quicktime movie.


Drumatic has a new album out: ``Reactions'' available from Tone Casualties and is available for order over the web at their web store.
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