[System Board and SPX graphics]

TOYVAX is a VAXstation 3100 Model 38/SPX. It uses Digital's CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) microprocessor, the 78034, and the CVAX 78134 floating-point unit chip. Two-level, write-through cache architecture enhances cpu performance. In addition to a 1-Kbyte cache in the CVAX chip, there is a second-level 32-Kbyte cache on the CPU board. The CPU runs with a cycle time of 60-nanoseconds (16.7 MHz).

TOYVAX has 32MB of main memory consisting of 4MB on the system board, an 16MB MS42-CA module and a 12MB MS42-BA module. It has the maximum capability of 32MB. It uses a high-performance SPX graphics accelerator (8-plane, 1024x864 resolution, 60Hz) and has a VR297 16-inch color Trinitron monitor. In the top picture you can see the SPX board, which attaches to the system board below it.

[SCSI Drive Plate]

TOYVAX has two asynchronous Small Computer Systems Interconnect (SCSI) I/O buses that run at 1.5 MB/sec.

TOYVAX's SCSI buses:

 Internal Bus (A)                      External Bus (B)
ID   Device                          ID   Device
 2 = RZ26L 1.05GB Disk (SYSTEM)       0 = RZ74  3.5GB Disk  (USER)
 3 = Seagate ST51080N  (PUBLIC)       4 = RRD46 12x CD-ROM Drive in RRD45-DA box
 5 = TZ30  95MB CompacTape Drive      5 = RX23 1.44MB 3 1/2" Floppy
 6 = system interface                 6 = system interface

The internal devices are contained in the VAXstation system enclosure. Of the External devices, the RZ74 and RX23 are in an SZ12 Storage expansion box.

TOYVAX has four serial ports:

  Port     Usage
  TTA0:    LK-201-AA Keyboard
  TTA1:    VS-XXX-GA Logitech 3-button Mouse
  TTA2:    Spooled to HP LaserJet 4000N
  TTA3:    Unused

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