Toyvax History

TOYVAX was probably built around June 1990. It was purchased as rotational inventory (i.e. it was a demo model) at 35% of list price and came into my possession on March 22, 1991. TOYVAX was on the ethernet for a time (about a month) before it was taken home.

Some events in TOYVAX's history



 Mar 19  Toyvax is ordered.
 Mar 22  Toyvax is delivered at the University of Arizona.
 Apr 20  Toyvax which came with VAX/VMS V5.4, upgraded to V5.4-2.
 Apr 30  Toyvax comes home to my apartment.
 May 11  Toyvax gets its RX23S 1.44MB floppy disk.
 Jun  6  Toyvax gets its HP LaserJet IIIp printer.
 Sep 22  Toyvax goes from 12MB to 16MB with addition of MS42-AB.
 Oct  4  Toyvax gets its RRD42 CD-ROM drive.
 Nov     Toyvax gets its Hayes Optima 9600 Modem.  Dialup setup.
 Nov 29  Toyvax upgraded to VMS V5.4-3.



 Apr  8  Toyvax gets on the net with a 9600bps DECnet link.
 Aug 14  Toyvax upgraded to VMS A5.5 and then to V5.5-1.
 Oct  7  Toyvax moves to my new house and its current location
         after being up a record 54 days, 13 hours.
 Dec 10  Toyvax gets a new mouse to replace a broken puck mouse.



 May  1  Toyvax's RZ24 SYSTEM disk crashed and the USER disk
         is used as both a system disk and user disk.  Some data
         is lost since most recent backup is from Oct 7, 1992.
         System version back to VMS V5.5-1 from 5.5-2 before.
 Jun  8  Toyvax gets another RZ24 which becomes the SYSTEM disk.
 Jun 15  Toyvax upgraded to VMS V5.5-2 again.
 Jul 23  DECwindows Motif license is purchased for TOYVAX.
 Jul 31  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS V6.0 and DECwindows Motif V1.1.
 Nov 23  Toyvax up a record 86 days, 1 1/2 hours.



 Jan  2  Toyvax gets an RZ25 disk.  Upon installation, the RZ24
         crashes.  This time a backup was done immediately before.
         New RZ25 becomes SYSTEM disk.
 Feb  1  Toyvax gets its PUBLIC disk.
 Mar     HP LaserJet IIIp upgraded from 1MB to 2MB for postscript.
 Apr 24  Toyvax goes from 16MB to 24MB with a MS42-BA (12MB) 
         replacement for its MS42-AB (4MB).
 May 28  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS V6.1 and DECwindows Motif V1.2.
 Jul     HP LaserJet IIIp gets upgraded with Postscript cartridge.
 Dec 10  Toyvax achives a record uptime of 107 days 4 1/2 hours.



 Apr 11  Toyvax upgraded to DECwindows Motif V1.2-3.
 Jun 12  Toyvax gets its Microcom Deskporte FAST V.34 modem. Line
         speed increases to 19,200 bps.
 Jul  8  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS VAX V6.2
 Jul 25  DECnet line back to 9600 bps due to serial port speed



 Mar 12  Toyvax uses slirp for internet connectivity at 19,200 bps.
 Mar 22  Toyvax's 5th annivarsary.
 Mar 28  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS VAX V7.0
 May 18  Toyvax gets a 1080 Mbyte Seagate ST51080N disk to replace
         RZ25 as PUBLIC disk.
 Jun  4  Toyvax gets real internet connectivity at 19,200 bps,
         Toyvax's internet address is toyvax.Tucson.AZ.US
 Jul 13  Toyvax upgraded to DECwindows Motif V1.2-4.
 Aug  8  An HP35481 2GB DAT drive added.
 Sep  7  DDCMP problems solved, DECnet line at 19,200 bps.
 Nov  5  Toyvax's memory increased from 24 to 32MB with tradeout of
         MS42-KA (8MB) memory board for an MS42-CA (16MB) board.



 Feb  7  Toyvax gets new SYSTEM disk, a 1.05 GB Digital RZ26L disk.
 Mar 27  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS VAX V7.1.
 Jul 31  A power outage stops Toyvax after being up a near record
         102 days.
 Aug 14  A new APC Smart-UPS 1400VA is added to stop that from
         happening again.
 Nov 30  Toyvax beats its previous uptime record of 107 days.



 Jan  8  An HP LaserJet 4000N becomes replacement for LaserJet IIIP
         after it brakes down for the third time in November.
 Apr 21  Toyvax reaches 250 days uptime.
 May 12  Toyvax crashes after having been up 270 days, 17 hours.
 Jul 13  Floppy drive and CompacTape drives switched.  Floppy drive is
         now external DKB500: and CompacTape drive is now internal MKA500:.
 Sep 22  Toyvax connected to Internet via DSL.



 Mar  7  A VAXstation 3100/76 joins the party, but not the cluster.
 Jul  2  HP JetStore 6000 4/8GB DAT drive replaces dead HP35481 drive.



 Aug  7  Toyvax uptime reaches 1 year for the first time, up since
         August 7th, 1999.
 Aug 17  USER disk contents moved to another disk, a 3.58MB RZ74E, on
         another cluster member as it seemed to be getting flaky.
 Dec 19  Toyvax reaches 500 days uptime.



 Jan  7  Serial port print queues for HP LaserJet 4000N moved back to
 Feb 17  Sony SDT-11000 DDS4 DAT drive added to cluster.
 Mar 22  TOYVAX reaches 10th anniversary.
 May 13  Toyvax and Junior were moved off their desk while all the furniture
         in the room was moved to California, they continued to run.  However,
         in attempting a later adjustment, the VT220 terminal was dropped and
         the systems became unresponsive.  Toyvax had to be rebooted after 
         being up 643 days, 22 hours.  The USER disk was moved to Toyvax.
 Jun  2  Toyvax is up after being down for 2 weeks after a storm caused a
         break on the console line causing a halt.  A Boot command brought
         it back after someone was there to do it.
 Jun  4  Toyvax moved to California.  Toyvax's Internet name eventually becomes
 Jul 15  Ethernet queues for HP LaserJet 4000N moved back to Toyvax.
         HP JetStore 6000 4/8GB DAT drive dead.



 Aug 25  Toyvax's faulty TZ30 CompacTape drive gets replaced with a used
         one purchased from Ebay.
 Sep 14  Toyvax upgraded to OpenVMS VAX V7.2.



 Jan 16  Toyvax's RRD42-DA replaced by RRD46-AA 12x CD-ROM in an RRD45-DA box.
 Jan 20  Toyvax upgraded to DECwindows Motif V1.2-5.

Last modifed on January 20, 2003 by Vance Haemmerle