DECUS Finger update

This is my version of DECUS Finger, the original version of which is available at in the finger directory. My version fixes a number of problems experienced in VMS versions 6.1 and above. It runs under UCX and Multinet (using UCX emulation) on both VAX and Alpha. I don't use the TCP/IP finger server, so I can't vouch for it.

Some changes made:

Notes: Finger is customizable. Please read the instructions (FINGER.DOC) on where to find the places in the code to change the site specific settings. The source code below is customized for my site. One such change is the reduction of max users from 7500 to 500 in FINGERCOM.FOR. If your site has many more users, you may want to restore this to the original value. Also to build a TCP/IP compatible version of FINGER use UCXTEST.COM instead of BUILD_FINGER.COM.

Source code:

VAX version of Finger
Alpha modifications for Finger

If you have an Alpha, you need to download both files. On my system, I have the Alpha code in one directory and the VAX code in another. On VAX systems, this directory is SYS$LOCAL:[FINGER]. On the Alpha I use SYS$LOCAL: as search list that points first to the Alpha directory, and then the VAX one. Thus, the command files that build the Alpha version find the correct files.
Last modified August 16, 1997 by Vance R. Haemmerle